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Church Twittering

Here's what the world would look like if I Twittered from church most mornings. 7:55: Sitting down. Arranging kids and paging thru bulletin. 7:56: Exit hymn is #710. Does that make this a 7-10 split? 8:00: Standing 8:15: Sitting, singing 8:20: Communion - brb. 8:24: I'm back. Praying. 8:37: Sat down at the wrong time.… Continue reading Church Twittering

Movie Marketing, Quick Takes

Quick Takes 4/30/07

The more I look at the Jessica Alba character poster for Fantastic Four 2 the more I'm inclined to agree that it was seriously doctored. She looks like Eddie Murphy when he did that "what it's like to be white" skit on SNL. Seems members of the film Academy will be getting a survey from… Continue reading Quick Takes 4/30/07