Church Twittering

Here’s what the world would look like if I Twittered from church most mornings.

7:55: Sitting down. Arranging kids and paging thru bulletin.

7:56: Exit hymn is #710. Does that make this a 7-10 split?

8:00: Standing

8:15: Sitting, singing

8:20: Communion – brb.

8:24: I’m back. Praying.

8:37: Sat down at the wrong time. Now trying to make it look like I needed to fix my socks and standing back up.

8:55: Done. See you twitterites in the gym for coffee.

Quick Takes 4/30/07

  • The more I look at the Jessica Alba character poster for Fantastic Four 2 the more I’m inclined to agree that it was seriously doctored. She looks like Eddie Murphy when he did that “what it’s like to be white” skit on SNL.
  • Seems members of the film Academy will be getting a survey from an unidentified publication as to their media consumption habits, specifically as they relate to where they get movie industry news and gossip.
  • SSH has releases from Activision and Hasbro regarding games and toys, respectively, that tie-in to Transformers.
  • One of the positions awarded from Monster Worldwide as part of their “Ultimate Internship” contest is a movie-marketing slot at Focus Features.
  • Lionsgate’s release of Hostel II in a few weeks will be a measure of how ready the American pop culture is ready to dive back into gruesome movies after the Va. Tech tragedy according to the NYT.
  • Jalopnik has pictures of a very cool set of Transformers lighters