LOTD: 4/25/07

  • Research firm Gartner predicts by 2011, 80 percent of online users will be part of some sort of virtual world. (CT)
  • Does the idea of creating a static CD of Wikipedia make anyone else’s head just hurt? (CT)
  • Baradell calls out those who most frequently abuse Web 2.0 buzzwords. The results are so very not surprising I’m a little surprised. (CT)
  • Mandy at Internet Marketing Monitor has an interesting analysis of how the story of the gunman at the Johnson Space Center was being broken and covered on traditional versus social news sites. (CT)
  • Crisis management is apparently hard with all these new fangled computers messing up traditional PR efforts. What’s the take-away? Don’t get into trouble in the first place. (CT)
  • Professional social network LinkedIn has launched a corporate blog and Mario Sundar is looking for best practices when it comes to comment moderation and such. (CT)

2 thoughts on “LOTD: 4/25/07

  1. The static Wikipedia struck me as funny too. I was thinking the CD should include an easy-burning kit, so you could make your own edits onto the disc, ala the online version… but I guess that’d be a tad too cute…

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