LOTD: 4/16/07

  • Seems the internet might need a ground-up rebuilding and restructuring as much as the Chicago Transit infrastructure. And the internet doesn’t even have to think about hosting the 2016 Olympics. (CT)
  • An immersive internet environment, long the stuff of fiction and wishful thinking, is just now coming into existence. Of course the question remains of what business models will support this and how it’s going to change the consumer/brand experience. (CT)
  • I just love stories about how some bloggers are making such big money. I really do. Good for those that can make a living doing what they love, but others keep on doing it just because they love it, regardless of income. (CT)
  • Keith O’Brien says the publishing world can rejoice with the arrival of its savior – the much-hyped Portfolio. (CT)
  • More and more gadgets just means more and more stuff left behind on airplanes and elsewhere. (CT)