LOTD: 3/30/07

  • Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer should not be allowed near blog software. (CT)
  • Apple wants you to purchase an album for a bit cheaper than normal on its iTunes store, but only if you’ve purchased a single or two in the past. This after news that the album was a thing of the past. (TB)
  • Engadget’s Ryan Block notes that Barracuda, the corporate security hardware maker, had blocked the server that puts Weblogs, Inc. sites, along with TMZ.com, on its *spam* list. It appears that this is being worked on behind the scenes, however. (TB)
  • Another decent list of suggestions for how to deal with bloggers if you’re PR person, this time from Ben Silverman. If anything, I’m posting it because it’s a good reminder for people to have, since based on the volume increase I’m seeing in my emailed pitches, PR people aren’t listening. Thanks, Randall! (TB)
  • Did anyone notice that Linden Lab had opened an office in Seattle, and is planning space in Boston and England? (TB)
  • I meant to link to this a week ago, but I can’t help but point out this post by Nick Bradbury, where he suggests that people who are into building new things build things that they need and / or would actually use. This goes for you companies who are putting the same crap in Second Life that you could just execute in RL. Howabout doing something that the residents want / could actually give a damn about / would find amusing? (TB)