• Wait a minute…What do you mean not everyone in Second Life is thrilled about all the brand placement in-world? I thought advertisers were going to be greeted with kisses and flowers and that they’d be seen as adding value to the game? I’m confused. (CT)
  • Too often, as the Brand Builder points out, marketers confuse consumer preference for loyalty when in fact they’re two very different things. (CT)
  • Steve Safran’s daughter writes a letter to Fox about their Wednesday night programming and how they’re basically shooting themselves in the foot. This might just be the best blog post ever. (CT)
  • All internet users are potential customers. (CT)
  • Mark Glaser is right – The demise of newspapers is in no way tied to any sort of diminished journalism. (CT)

One thought on “LOTD: 3/22/07

  1. Chris – thanks!

    I just finished writing Cory a note about how I think this may be my favorite posting ever. Not because my daughter wrote it – but because of the reaction.

    A 10-year-old writes an open letter to Fox. She makes her points, IMHO, reasonably well. AND STRANGERS DEFEND FOX AGAINST HER! To wit:

    “The bigger picture wasn’t there.”


    “You have failed to see how the ratings system actually works…”

    (Putting her in the company of every TV executive in America.)

    “A 10-year-old understand the economics of television, and the cost of skipping commercials? Ratings?”

    (Yes, when her Dad has had his salary paid by those numbers and she has grown up hearing him rant about them. Of course.)

    “Can your daughter 1) Name any of the commercials aired in AI, and 2) Ask herself if any of them realistically apply to her demographic?”

    (Uh, no. Can you? I know she downloads songs from the shows and ringtones, though.)

    I’m in agreement with you. This is an astonishingly wonderful thread because it reveals more about old-school TV ad thinking than a hundred of my LR posts ever could.

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