Apple TV success tied to movie promotions

Interesting article over at Bloomberg about how the success of the newly launched Apple TV may be dependent on how many movies it can convince people to download from iTunes to watch on the sets. Part of what Apple TV will be able to do is stream movie trailers more or less on demand. Those trailers need to be utilized, then, to drive people to the iTunes store to buy movies.


Crooks and Liars » Tony Snow gets into it With Harry Smith at CBS over the Atty scandal

This administration continues to frame any harsh questioning of its practices as partisan in nature. Shameful.

Thornley on content, channels and more

My Canuck buddy and PR pro (heh) Joe Thornley has a great post up that recaps a panel he attended discussing content programming, aggregation and distribution. Representatives from a number of companies doing wireless, online branded and other new media work were on the panel and there’s obviously a lot of good thinking going on.

City agrees to ban patronage | Chicago Tribune

City agrees to ban patronage | Chicago Tribune

Mayor Daley’s administration has agreed to remove politics from most city personnel decision”

And I’ve agreed to stop having bowel movements.

Both are about as likely to actually happen.

Ad people are slimy

Adrants » Yet Again, Hollywood Labels Advertising Sleaze-Infested

Steve Hall = hammer.

Point = nail.

Result = Bwahahahahahaha!

Dave dissects CNN

Scripting News: CNN

Best quote from Dave on the current state of the media: “Glad the kid is okay. Sorry our country is so fucked.”

Keep quiet, you!

Gingrich: Personal Lives Shouldn’t Be Issues In ’08 Campaign | The Huffington Post

Says the guy who had an affair while prosecuting a President for his affair, divorced his wife while she was lying in a hospital bed and…is that enough?

No voice for you!

Drug Rule Seeks a Limit to Role of Paid Advisers – New York Times

Wait a minute. You mean those advisers – who have an obvious self-interest in the fate of the drug – will no longer be able to exercise a voice in determining that fate?

Hey Dave!

Letterman’s Larry ‘Bud’ Melman actor dies –

RIP, Bud. One of the best recurring characters on TV ever.

Advertising Funny Papers: 3/22/07

  • ABC is showing off a new ad format that has ad messaging popping out of props from the show and more. The goal is to make the ads appear seamlessly integrated into the show so viewers stick around and don’t tune out or fast-forward. The secondary goal is to annoy viewers so much they turn off the show.
  • Some are afraid that new commercial ratings numbers from Nielsen might change the upfront sessions and force parties to change their business models. DO YOU THINK??!?!
  • Now that the process is automated, advertisers think networks should drop the fees they started charging when an actual person had to drop the commercials into programming. So unreasonable.