LOTD: 3/11/07

  • Apparently, some outages at GoDaddy have caused some people to worry that it was DST-changeover-related, but that doesn’t appear to have been the case. (Nor does it make much sense, IMHO) (TB)
  • Some MeFi users are having their say about how YouTube and other places hosting video are now full of materials from marketers. (TB)
  • Read/WriteWeb has a great item up from Friday where Alex Iskold comments on the value of the Technorati 100. (TB)
  • This has been written about elsewhere, but I’ve got to say that the fact that the New Yorker‘s redesign has made some of its older URLs obsolete is really dumb. Kottke’s roundup is my favorite of all. (TB)
  • Yeah, you’re sick of me talking about it already, but that isn’t going to stop me from linking to Ross Mayfield’s points of interest about Twitter adoption. I’ll have more on this later, but wanted to point this out, as it’s one of the smarter things I’ve seen posted about anything in some time. Plus, I saw Ross mention it on Twitter. (TB, who’s “tombiro” on the service)
  • Eric Rice did something smart and posted an “introduction” to what his blog is all about, instead of just pointing people to post #1 or whatever. Probably a slick yearly move for the rest of us, too (hint, hint). On top of that, he just caught some spam on Flickr. (TB)
  • Slacker Manager posts about the “several habits of wildly successful Twitter users,” and I highly suggest you read it before you get overwhelmed. [via Library Stuff] (TB)