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Best Buy looks back at sinking boat, hopes Russian trawler happens by soon

Advertising Age - Best Buy Puts $200 Million Account Into Review "Who here can manage both our official website and our secret intranet that we now need to put a positive spin on? Anyone? Anyone? Ahh, yes, Edelman in the back..."


LOTD: 3/7/07

Mike at GarageSpin gives some good bullet points on who will be hurt and who will benefit from the decision to charge streaming radio stations and other music sites more in royalties for the music they play. (CT) The Kegulator just might be the most important online tool EVER. (CT) Missed this earlier in the… Continue reading LOTD: 3/7/07

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The audience/critic gap

Jeffrey Wells is bemoaning the fact that bloated, unfunny and otherwise crap-laden studio pictures are out-grossing more quality movies. What's the point, he seems to be asking, of publishing reviews that say something shouldn't be seen when the movies wind up being seen regardless? No food critic has ever awarded Wendy's a five-star rating, but… Continue reading The audience/critic gap