Since this site is called Open the Dialogue, I’m thinking a better way to present these link roundups is in the form of a dialogue. Let me give it a shot:

“You know, I think companies really should blog about themselves – it’s a great communications tool.”

“I’m not so sure. Especially since we’re apparently running out of storage space for all this digital content that’s been created, including hosts of decent blogs that haven’t found an audience.”

“Good point. After all it’s not like its a divine dictate that companies engage in the blogging process. It’s more of a good idea than an absolute must. I think it’s actually more important, when it comes to the actual conversation, that media companies make sure they’re embracing new media tools. Even then, it’s important to know when to draw the line between journalistic responsibility and encouraging participation.”

“Exactly. So many people get the ideas behind the Long Tail wrong that it’s better that only people who know what they’re doing enter the waters. ”

“Oh that reminds me – Did you see the newscast that used a Krispy Kreme logo from Google Images that, well, let’s just say it wasn’t family friendly.”

“Yeah – that was kind of awesome.”

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