LOTD: 3/2/07

  • Sony got its knickers in a twist when gaming site Kotaku broke news of some rumored upcoming PS3 features and black-balled the site from all upcoming press events and other contacts. Eventually, though, calmer heads prevailed and normal relations were restored. (CT)
  • Those wacky bloggers say the darndest things. (CT)
  • PRWeek has once again opened up the news portion of its website so you don’t need to have a subscription/login. Features and others still require that information but this is a good move by them. (CT)
  • Media valuations are so out of touch with reality that it’s no wonder so many collapse or don’t turn out as well as the players involved in such transactions hoped for and predicted. (CT)
  • That Kevin Dugan has some fun ragging on obnoxious email signatures. (Both of us)
  • Google Ads on your Dada.net social networking profile, says Tobi Elkin. (TB)
  • Media Bloggers Association prez Bob Cox has shut down the Olbermann Watch blog after the MSNBC commentator had his contract renewed on March 1, much to the dismay of the Olbermann Watch writers. (TB)