LOTD: 2/25/07

  • Bloglines, which launched its Image Wall almost two weeks ago (mentioned here), has made some updates to it after comments, complaints, and other information came in after its use by many. Check it out. (TB)
  • Hope you didn’t think you would get away with all those sales on eBay without paying taxes. (TB)
  • Somehow last week I missed that Nick Bradbury pointed out an killer feature for the next instance of FeedDemon, namely that News Bins could be synched with NewsGator Online. This rocks, so now I can catch up on those while I’m not in the office, and on my MacBookPro on NetNewsWire. W00t. (TB)
  • Vitamin’s Michael McDerment posted a great item on how to name your new company a couple weeks back (I just subbed to Vitamin, so I’m catching up). He doesn’t mention being able to get the best domain name as a constraint (though he does suggest getting another name if you’re a company and it isn’t available). These days, I’d put domain availability really high. For instance, when O&M/JWT had “Mindshare” as their name, they didn’t seem to think it was a bad thing for them to have to go with “mindshareworld.com” as their to domain. I think it was a horrible idea, and took every opportunity to share that with my contacts there when I worked with them and they made the name change. It’s important. In any case, it’s a valuable item that I dedicate to my co-worker Lauren Selikoff, who has a favorite activity of making fun of company logos – and names. (TB)