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Misc. News: 2/21/07

Oh look! A whole bunch of news stories that I can put into a little bulleted list because I don't have the time to write them up individually! Amazing! So XM and Sirius are apparently serious about merging. Does no one else see that this doesn't have the slightest chance of passing regulatory approval? "Studio… Continue reading Misc. News: 2/21/07

Misc. News

Everytime someone says “Scooter” an angel gets his wings

CIA leak case goes to jury - CNN.com


Goodbye Carson’s

Last day for a State Street shopping icon | Chicago Tribune It's interesting that there isn't the public outcry over the closing of Carson Pirie Scott's on State Street like there was when Macy's took over Marshall Field's. Maybe because it's just closing and not being remade into something else. Either way, Chicago loses another… Continue reading Goodbye Carson’s


God and “Studio 6”

Looking for the Best Christian on TV - STUDIO 60 The Wittenburg Door religous satire site has a great recap/post-mortum of "Studio 60" with a special focus on the portrayal of religion in the form of the Harriet Hayes character. It's along the same lines, though much better researched and written, as a post I… Continue reading God and “Studio 6”

Film Distribution, Movie Marketing

What does it cost to market an Oscar contender?

Both MediaPost and the New York Daily News have articles up today about the marketing costs of movies that have been nominated for Academy Awards this year. Here's a quick list: The Departed: $40.3 million from January thru November Little Miss Sunshine: $11.9 million The Queen: $14.5 million Babel: $16.4 million Blood Diamond: $19.9 million… Continue reading What does it cost to market an Oscar contender?

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TV vs. movie quality

I have to say that I agree with the assertions linked to by Jeffrey Wells that TV is kind of eating the movie industry's lunch when it comes to producing quality content. Whereas most movies I've watched recently are overlong and ill-thought-out, the TV shows I've been seeing are tight and, while a little stretched… Continue reading TV vs. movie quality

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It’s the end of the YouTube as we know it…unless it’s not…either way I’m fine

Seems that NBC Universal is the latest big media company to demand that its content be pulled from YouTube. That comes as an expansion of the deal between it and CBS seems to have hit a snag and just a couple weeks after Viacom demanded the site take down all of its videos. Viacom, for… Continue reading It’s the end of the YouTube as we know it…unless it’s not…either way I’m fine