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Weight Watchers account up for review

The winner will be decided based on their ability to shed pounds inside of a two-month period. Weight Watchers in Play

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Cubs put ads on Wrigley doors – Chicago decides to burn down city again instead of let this happen

Via the Trib: MESA, Ariz. -- Bricks and ivy have made up most of the outfield walls at Wrigley Field for the last 70 years, but the Cubs will alter the ballpark's famous backdrop for at least the next two years with advertisements on the old green doors. The Cubs announced a multiyear deal Wednesday [...]

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I’m so glad the MSM is up on Web 2.0 stuff

What Was Google Thinking? -- Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007 -- Page 1 -- TIME I think the fact that google didn't make a clear letter L in its valentine's doodle yesterday is the clearest sign yet that we're in a bubble . Seriously, why is Time writing about this? I mean, Google explained this yesterday. [...]

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The headline alone makes my head hurt

And I didn't even dive into the actual story. GREY GOOSER Vodka Creates Customized Rolls-Royces to Help Promote Social Responsibility Message


LOTD: 2/15/07

On Wednesday, Consumerist seemed to have ticked off some members of the Flickr community, and posted a mea culpa regarding their use of images found on the photo sharing site (TB) Does Microsoft's hiring of Michael Gartenburg as an "evangelist" remind anyone else of Journey hiring someone to replace Steve Perry in the band? In [...]

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Zodiac promoted with mock-ups of real killer pamphlet

What the heck is the Zodiac marketing team thinking? They've plastered lightpoles and more in major cities across the country with pamphlets for the movie that look like the original police sketches of the actual killer. Yeah, there's a little "In theaters March 2nd" line at the bottom but how much is that going to [...]

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MMM named Site of the Week

FlixFind, a site that looks like it aims to aggregate movie content from around the web, has named l'il old MMM as it's "Site of the Week." Thanks to Kevin, who runs the site for the shout-out and the heads-up.

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iMediaConnection – From Searches to Purchase

There are some interesting points raised in this ClickZ story about how search and filters are being utilized in the online movie distribution market. For the most part, ecommerce sites like Blockbuster or Netflix have taken an either / or mindset to the process of finding films, asking consumers to rely either on pure search or [...]