I really, really want to watch Little Children. Why can’t I?

This is the same question I could ask about The Queen, Children of Men or Pan’s Labyrinth among countless others. They look like quality movies and I’ve actually already added them to my Netflix queue, but now is when the marketing campaign is in full gear. The problem is that, because I’ve chosen to locate my family in the suburbs these movies are, for the most part, not playing anywhere near me. This was obviously a dumb move and, if I were really a movie fan who was committed to seeing quality flicks I would have chosen to live in the heart of the city.

I’m bringing this up because of a post by Nathanial on the Film Experience blog that points out how ridiculous multi-million dollar marketing campaigns are if you’re not going to make the product being marketed available to as much of the potential audience as possible. This is, and I’m sorry if this isn’t all that constructive, idiotic. If any other business were run like this the company would be, quite frankly, out of business pretty quickly.

Distribution needs to change so that people can see the movies being marketed. Otherwise releasing them theatrically actually wastes money.