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Stupid question

AdAge headlines "What We Can Learn from the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' Fiasco'" My answer: That city officials often don't have the cultural awareness of the average public-school student and like to over-react to things they don't know about.

Quick Takes

Quick Takes: 2/14/07

Deep Focus' Eric Druckenmiller tackles the issue of appealing to a young audience that is building its own buzz and creating its own spheres of influence. A scanning company has created technology that embeds video within a poster sheet to create a fully-animated movie poster. New Line is apparently pestering people with emails about things… Continue reading Quick Takes: 2/14/07

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Valentine’s Day e-cards from Disney and Paramount

Since it's Valentine's Day, both Disney and Paramount have created e-cards you can send your loved one that double as promotions for upcoming movies. Disney has Meet the Robinsons-themed greetings (of which John has screenshots) and Paramount has, oddly, created e-cards for Blake Snake Moan.

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Why can’t I watch Little Children?

I really, really want to watch Little Children. Why can't I? This is the same question I could ask about The Queen, Children of Men or Pan's Labyrinth among countless others. They look like quality movies and I've actually already added them to my Netflix queue, but now is when the marketing campaign is in… Continue reading Why can’t I watch Little Children?