Wal-Mart launches f*****d up movie download store

walmartlogo2.jpgAs you’ve probably read by now, Wal-Mart has entered the downloadable film marketplace. The movies, from all the major studios, will be sold at a variety of prices based on their age and popularity. In-store customers who buy a DVD will also receive a coupon so they can download a digital version of the film as well for a reduced price. The service has not launched well, though. BoingBoing has screenshots of some of the snarfed-up screens visitors have encountered. They also get the Quote of the Day award for this tidbit:

After a few deep bong hits, the rich layers of overlapping text probably make sense, as would the notion of paying $20 for a 240X320 movie in a DRM-laden Windows Media file that won’t play on a Zune or an iPod, or a computer running Mac or Linux.