I’m completely in denial over the fact that Rex Grossman appeared to have suffered a sharp blow to the head right before yesterday’s game. Did his teammates wear Colts jerseys during practice?

  • I more or less agree that the editing of Wikipedia entries to correct factual errors should be OK, but I understand Jimmy Wales’ reluctance to allow PR people editing access.
  • Wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki.
  • Josh kind of has a point. Bloggers spend so much time railing against big media and then we fall all over ourselves to cover the biggest media event of all, the Super Bowl.
  • Seems that while ads might be a source of concern for parents worried about the messages their kids see, the shows those ads are embedded in also have parents furrowing their brows.
  • Federated Media and comScore are partnering for blog metrics reporting.
  • eBay will no longer allow you to sell virtual items, such as gear and such for World of Warcraft, through their auction service.
  • The corporate minds behind MySpace don’t like it when you try to link to a competing media site like YouTube or Revver. Lets see how this affects the Google/Fox advertising negotiations that are happening now.
  • Todd has added a number of nifty feed options to his Power 150 list of marcom blogs.