LOTD: 2/5/07

I'm completely in denial over the fact that Rex Grossman appeared to have suffered a sharp blow to the head right before yesterday's game. Did his teammates wear Colts jerseys during practice? I more or less agree that the editing of Wikipedia entries to correct factual errors should be OK, but I understand Jimmy Wales'… Continue reading LOTD: 2/5/07

Quick Takes

Quick Takes: 2/5/07

Getting these stories out of the system. What happens when two guys go on a promotional roadtrip but the company sponsoring it forgets to tell anyone? That's what Mike Lesker is wondering about a Peerflix promotion. Steve Hall is talking about a movie that blames environmentalists for poor job growth in third-world countries that just… Continue reading Quick Takes: 2/5/07

Off Topic

Behind the scenes of AdJab’s demise

I wanted to share the story of AdJab's end with you all since I'm no longer associated with AOL or any of their blogs and, quite frankly, I'm honked off over the whole thing. Below is the text of an email I sent to a colleague about how things went down. I was called about… Continue reading Behind the scenes of AdJab’s demise