Before I get into this link round-up, let me just say that if I read one more story like this or this about what a great pitchman Peyton Manning is, it’s going to end badly. He won’t be so great in those ads after Urlacher rips his arms off this Sunday.

  • Microsoft, despite having an operating system it’s launching and a $500 million budget for said launch, will not be buying a Super Bowl spot.
  • In addition to the ads and the game, there’s also food to think about when watching the Super Bowl.
  • Let’s be honest – If the ads haven’t made you at least a little uncomfortable they probably haven’t done their job.
  • BusinessWeek goes behind the scenes of GM’s development of the “fired robot” spot they created for the game.
  • Max Kalehoff asks a good question: Will media coverage of the Boston marketing SNAFU overshadow the media coverage of the Super Bowl ads themselves?
  • According to the Chicago Tribune, the ads during the game are kind of a bid deal. I did not know that.
  • MediaPost wraps-up some of the sites to watch postgame.

Finally, with AdJab out of business, make sure to keep hitting refresh on AdWeek’s SuperAdFreak blog on Sunday. They’ve assembled quite the All-Star team to live blog the commercials during the game.