Super Bowl predictions are ridiculous

That’s fine. You all just keep predicting that the Colts are going to run right over the Bears this Sunday. I remember the last time all the experts said the Bears had no chance. It was right before we man-handled the Saints to clinch the conference championship.  And who the hell thinks that a sampling of Baby Boomers can predict the game’s outcome? Now you’re just reaching.

It’s Casual Friday

And the Bears are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday. That’s why I wore this today. Even the Picasso (located in the Honorable Richard J. Daley Plaza) got in on Bears Fever.

Where in the world is Tom Biro?

I received an inquiry from Strumpette, who apparently is having a malfunction with the GPS device she’s implanted in the rest of the PR community, asking – and I quote – “Hey, where the hell’s Biro?”

After pulling my Star Destroyer out of the asteroid field (it helps in sending a clear transmission) Tom responded by saying, “Unlike some other notable PR people-cum-bloggers, I actually do client work and presentations.”

Music of the Day: Traffic’s Far From Home

Far From Home

I love this album, a one last grasp from Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi under the heading of Traffic. The songs are all vintage style and well crafted. As someone who used to play drums it’s also one of my favorite albums to listen to for the drumming. Capaldi doesn’t do anything fancy, there are no flourishes of showmanship or anything. What there is plenty of is pure, in the groove drumming that adds to the musicality of the songs without ever being distracting. It’s good stuff.

LOTD: 2/2/07 – Super Bowl Edition

Before I get into this link round-up, let me just say that if I read one more story like this or this about what a great pitchman Peyton Manning is, it’s going to end badly. He won’t be so great in those ads after Urlacher rips his arms off this Sunday.

  • Microsoft, despite having an operating system it’s launching and a $500 million budget for said launch, will not be buying a Super Bowl spot.
  • In addition to the ads and the game, there’s also food to think about when watching the Super Bowl.
  • Let’s be honest – If the ads haven’t made you at least a little uncomfortable they probably haven’t done their job.
  • BusinessWeek goes behind the scenes of GM’s development of the “fired robot” spot they created for the game.
  • Max Kalehoff asks a good question: Will media coverage of the Boston marketing SNAFU overshadow the media coverage of the Super Bowl ads themselves?
  • According to the Chicago Tribune, the ads during the game are kind of a bid deal. I did not know that.
  • MediaPost wraps-up some of the sites to watch postgame.

Finally, with AdJab out of business, make sure to keep hitting refresh on AdWeek’s SuperAdFreak blog on Sunday. They’ve assembled quite the All-Star team to live blog the commercials during the game.