RSS has made me its…Hey, look at the time

I can't tell you how many times I remarked to Tom along the lines of "I just have to finish some reading..." when he asks me to do something. That's why I, for the first time since its launch, laughed at this Blaugh comic.


LOTD: January 22nd

...We are the Bears' Shuffling Crew...shuffin' on down, doin' it for you... Sorry, I was listening to some music. Let's move on. --Chris With cheap software and a lot of enthusiasm, a group of folks have created their own daily video show on stock picks and financial markets, moving in on territory previously held only… Continue reading LOTD: January 22nd


LOTD: January 19th

This behind the scenes peek at Joost has me positively salivating at getting in and playing around with it myself. (CT) It's an honest-to-goodness mystery JD Lasica has on his hands. His video interview with the founder of Tower Records, which was under the time limit and which featured Creative Commons music, has been yanked… Continue reading LOTD: January 19th

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This is just awesome

A Honda tricked-out like an X-Wing. I want one.


LOTD: January 18th

Yeah, let's all be surprised that a bunch of Chicago suburbs are reconsidering their smoking bans now that the Bears are in the playoffs. I don't smoke but even I needed a cigarette about five minutes into the fourth quarter of last week's game. Anyway... Josh brings up an interesting point about the whole "newspaper… Continue reading LOTD: January 18th

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Quick Takes: 1/17/07

Ron speculates that, with a number of high-profile recent releases, Paramount Vantage is poised to become the next Fox Searchlight in terms of churning out high-quality smaller films. Michael Arrington pinpoints the problem with the thinking at most studios and TV networks, namely that they're so afraid of damaging existing business models that they never… Continue reading Quick Takes: 1/17/07


LOTD: January 17th

How much does it say about Apple's current state of affairs that an article wondering whether the iPhone is a desperation play by the company even gets written? Apple is usually immune from such non-cheerleader coverae but I think this will become more common. Check out some handy tips on how to improve your sites… Continue reading LOTD: January 17th

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Chicago Coffee Morning #4

Clay just posted a reminder that this Friday is another Chicago Coffee Morning. We meet and discuss, well, anything and everything. While the group tends to consist mostly of bloggers and marketers everyone is welcome to come for some good morning and some good conversation.

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Walk, talk and learn how to interact

I want expand here on something that I started over on AdJab. I end this post by reminding advertisers that small sites should not be overlooked when they're drawing up ad plans. But there's more than that which needs to go on. Don't just leave it at advertising. Find new and interesting ways to engage… Continue reading Walk, talk and learn how to interact

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Notice how I’m not shocked

Despite the fact that blockbusters just aren't that important anymore, that's exactly what Hollywood is hoping for with this slate of releases for 2007. What are they thinking?