In case you haven’t read it already, AdJab has been shut down, effective today, Jan. 31. You can read some remembrances by myself and some of the staff in our group One Final Jab post.

I started writing there in April or May of 2005 and met a great number of people who I came to respect greatly within the Weblogs, Inc. network. Not least among those is Tom Biro, whom I got to know well on AJ, eventually followed as lead editor on the site a few months ago and whom I now work for and blog with at MWW Group.

AdJab was a great outlet for the pure advertising side of my brain. While a lot of people unfortunately viewed it as a “consumer” facing blog I always had a different image of it. I thought the content I and the rest of the team were putting out was up there in terms of quality with any of the other big thinkers out there on the internets.

I don’t have much else to say that hasn’t already been said, but I would like to thank Joe Jaffe, Steve Hall, Mack Collier, Rebecca Lieb and the other commentors for their parting thoughts and well wishes. Couldn’t have done it without both the AJ team and these fellow members of the advertising blogging community.

On the plus side I’m going to have some exciting news to share with you all in the next day or so.

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  1. I’m really sorry to see this go. It was a great resource and a great read.

    I’m HOPING that this is closing for something bigger and better rather then a stupid ass business decision by “the powers the be.”

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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