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Sorry, I was listening to some music. Let’s move on. –Chris

  • With cheap software and a lot of enthusiasm, a group of folks have created their own daily video show on stock picks and financial markets, moving in on territory previously held only by experts and the like. (CT)
  • Shocking! RSS still hasn’t moved into mainstream adoption. (CT)
  • IBM is creating its own social networking for business solution that it’s positioning as a direct challenge to Microsoft. (CT)
  • Rick Klau has a pretty intriguing idea on how Microsoft could capture some market share from Apple that makes a lot of sense. (CT)
  • The news of the day is being decided by the readers and not necessarily the editors. (CT)
  • Real estate agents are blogging, and those blogs are getting noticed by people running searches and looking for real estate information in their area. (CT)
  • Finally, some quality breakout and definition when it comes to social networking, with a pretty big appeal. Check out OurChart, social networking for “lesbians and their friends,” as the company’s December 18 press release announces. It was founded by Ilene Chaiken, who many of you might recognize from her work with Showtime’s “The L Word,” along with Hilary Rosen and Beth Callaghan, formerly of PlanetOut.(TB)