Yeah, let’s all be surprised that a bunch of Chicago suburbs are reconsidering their smoking bans now that the Bears are in the playoffs. I don’t smoke but even I needed a cigarette about five minutes into the fourth quarter of last week’s game. Anyway…

  • Josh brings up an interesting point about the whole “newspaper blogs gaining readers” issue. The tools that drive these blogs, WordPress, Blogger or even TypePad, are low cost with, now, high return. (CT)
  • Linden Labs is making some adjustments to Second Life that they hope will make it more friendly for retailers, provide a more natural search experience and more. (CT)
  • MovableTweak has a great item up about how a new MT version coming out and how Six Apart needs to get it in high gear if MT is going to be able to keep the hold it has on the blogging space. I have more comments for a later time. (TB)