LOTD: January 17th

  • How much does it say about Apple’s current state of affairs that an article wondering whether the iPhone is a desperation play by the company even gets written? Apple is usually immune from such non-cheerleader coverae but I think this will become more common.
  • Check out some handy tips on how to improve your sites placements within Google results.
  • Blogs are becoming pretty popular with mainstream publications, with page views rising sharply in recent months.
  • News Corp. has found another way to try and kill MySpace, this time by offering parents software to monitor their child’s account.
  • I have to agree with Shel that the Technorati/PRNewswire “deal” appears to be a non-story. Shel’s digging into what exactly gets returned via those T’rati links leads me to believe that the deal involves negative stories being omitted from the search for a release, something that’s just going to limit usage.
  • Marketing emails often don’t contain links, which kind of defeats the purpose. Even more troubling in my opinion is the number of pitch emails I get that don’t contain links. I like to link out to stuff since, more than anything, it bestows a kind of legitimacy to what I write. If I get a press release that’s just been pasted into an email I more or less ignore it since it gives my readers nowhere to turn for more info.
  • YouTube’s marketing head talks about the transition into an ad-serving site that the site has been going through as it looks to monetize all the user content and pay for server space. (Thanks to Paul for the link)
  • Ze Frank has signed a talent deal with Hollywood. A million bloggers cry out at once and are suddenly silenced.
  • The OJR provides a nice and easy to email to your less tech-savvy colleagues list of some of the more common online terminology.