LOTD: Special blogging edition

I wanted to break these stories out from the regular LOTD round-up because they all center around a specific topic, that of the role of blogging in media.

First is this post from Stephen Baker at Newsweek that emphasizes how telling media bloggers that they can’t write about internal goings-on robs those writers of some good material. That’s true in any corporate environment, where there has to be a certain amount of transparency in the blogging in order for the blog to be engaging and interesting.

Next up is this column from David Carr. Carr writes the Carpetbagger blog about the entertainment industry and awards season and talks about how blogging builds an instantaneous feedback loop between him and his readers. I especially appreciate Carr’s honesty about sometimes deliberately stirring up a hornets nest in order to get people to react and how doing that is based at least partially on wanting to remind himself how many readers he has.

A lot of those same points are discussed by the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn as he recounts a presentation he was part of on how blogging and column writing are two different approaches toward what is ultimately the same goal. Both formats, of course, have advantages and it’s nice to see someone list them.