LOTD: January 12th

Slightly expanded edition. Gather.com is getting into the literary world in a couple different ways. They've created a group for Borders customers to discuss movies, music and such. The partnership will get considerable in-store promotion that encourages people to connect with others and discuss what they're reading, watching and listening to. The social network is… Continue reading LOTD: January 12th

Off Topic

Join the Book Club

I've been remiss in not mentioning this earlier but my blog bud CK started something really cool. Over at the Marketing Profs Daily Fix she's spearheaded the launch of a Book Club that is designed to bring readership to some noteworthy books and facilitate the discussion within the online community of the issues raised in… Continue reading Join the Book Club

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Technology isn’t ready for distribution yet

This editorial from the Los Angeles Times sums up very nicely what I've been trying to say about the probable reluctance of studios to embrace the cool distribution platforms shown off at CES. It's not that studios don't like home networks. It's just that networking technology is far ahead of anti-piracy technology. And that may… Continue reading Technology isn’t ready for distribution yet