• Mack Collier talks about how a bad experience at a department store has led to it being used as a case study at a trade group presentation. He then asks how much the impact of this might have been lessened if someone from the company were reaching out to the community.
  • The next election will fought on TV, in print and on candidate blogs.
  • Who the heck is standing in line to get tasered at CES? I mean, not counting Peter Shankman and Amanda Congdon.
  • We here in Chicago as well as folks in Washington are about to get WiMax thanks to Sprint.
  • The limited amount of users and the recent showy announcements from Apple have turned Microsoft’s Zune player into, as MSNBC says, a really expensive paperweight.

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  1. My motto: Try anything non-lethal at least once. šŸ™‚ Besides, the INSTANT they turned off the juice, I stopped hurting and was able to stand. And in retrospect, it was really kind of interesting to have done to me. I see why police departments make their officers experience it before they’re licensed to carry it.

    Thanks for the shout!


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