Quick Takes: 1/9/07

  • Marvel is more or less kicking DC’s ass when it comes to superhero movies.
  • My buds at Deep Focus get some props for their work on a promotion for HBO’s series “Rome.”
  • Hillary Swank gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just in time for her to have two movies coming out. These ceremonies are always timed as part of a movie campaign.
  • Disney’s newly announced dedication to massively multiplayer games is in direction relation to their finally having some movie properties that lend themselves to such games.
  • As Steve Jobs just announced at MacWorld, iTunes will now have Paramount movies available for sale.
  • CartoonBrew has the skinny on some tie-in books that are primed for the release of Ratatouille.
  • The MPAA is organizing a series of panels to emphasize to lawmakers that what’s good for the movie industry is good for America.
  • To promote the DVD release of the sexual drama Shortbus, there’s an e-card you can send to your friends. And to add an incentive to use it, if you sign up and email a card to five friends you’ll get your name added to the DVD credits.
  • The Trigger agency announces the work they’ve done on a special Oscars site for Paramount, the creation of an interactive map for Ghost Rider and the official website for The Messengers.

Movie billboards re-purposed as fashion items

Wow. Just wow. Styledash mentions a company called Ecoist that offers a full selection of wallets, handbags and more fashion accessories that are made from old movie billboards. When the signs have run their course the imagery is recycled into these items. It’s pretty cool.

The frienemy of my eniend is my frienemy…

A plea for sanity: Can we please discontinue the use of “frienemy“? Sweet crikey – if I hear this one more time I assure you it will end badly.

LOTD: January 9th

Today’s random thought: I don’t know the difference between a “hoedown” and a “hootnanny.” Li’l help?

  • Edward Wasserman does a pretty good job of pointing out just how inherently ethically conflicted the idea of ‘beat reporting” is. He points out that in order to be a good reporter you have to cultivate sources but sometimes reporting will embarrass those sources. So it’s a problem. (CT)
  • The FeedBurner team gets very open and honest about the strengths and weaknesses of the numbers they provide to publishers. This is a great example of using a corporate blog to connect with an audience. (CT)
  • Yahoo has acquired MyBlogLog, which has been gaining in popularity ever since its debut. (CT)
  • Shel Holtz reminds us of something we already know, which is that Jeremy Pepper is smart. (CT)
  • Three media types log their media consumption over the course of a week. It’s interesting, but I think the fact that there’s no RSS reading in there should tell all of us that we’re not doing a good enough job on new media education. (CT)
  • Eric Tatro has made the move to his own domain. (CT)
  • Oh come on, admit it. You know you’re going to be one of those repetitively hitting refresh over at Engadget, Gizmodo, and a whole bunch of other places. (TB)