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Quick Takes: 1/9/07

Marvel is more or less kicking DC's ass when it comes to superhero movies. My buds at Deep Focus get some props for their work on a promotion for HBO's series "Rome." Hillary Swank gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just in time for her to have two movies coming out. These… Continue reading Quick Takes: 1/9/07

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Movie billboards re-purposed as fashion items

Wow. Just wow. Styledash mentions a company called Ecoist that offers a full selection of wallets, handbags and more fashion accessories that are made from old movie billboards. When the signs have run their course the imagery is recycled into these items. It's pretty cool.

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The frienemy of my eniend is my frienemy…

A plea for sanity: Can we please discontinue the use of "frienemy"? Sweet crikey - if I hear this one more time I assure you it will end badly.


LOTD: January 9th

Today's random thought: I don't know the difference between a "hoedown" and a "hootnanny." Li'l help? Edward Wasserman does a pretty good job of pointing out just how inherently ethically conflicted the idea of 'beat reporting" is. He points out that in order to be a good reporter you have to cultivate sources but sometimes… Continue reading LOTD: January 9th