Random thoughts, in roughly the right order, while wandering around Second Life on my way to the he newly opened Sears store.

Where am I – Oh, that’s right, Crayon.

Search for “sears” – wow, 2,400+ dwells so far

Yikes, rough teleport. Need to catch my virtual breath.

I’m not wearing a shirt.

I’m still not wearing a shirt.

Does anyone else notice how completely not wearing a shirt I am?

OK, let’s head in – cool sliding doors.

I think i’ll check out Electronics first.

So you’re delivered to the floor and then have to transition to some sort of trans-dimensional showroom in order to actually look at anything? Isn’t that a bit too much?

Ooo…someone put a .gif of a couple Japanese swords on that wall.

Have I been here long enough to count as a dwell stat yet?

Nice product descriptions on the TVs and other items.

OK, I’m going to head back out. Too lazy to wait for the elevator so I’ll just jump down.

Anything else I can do while I’m in-world? Nope, didn’t think so.