I’ve been writing about movie marketing for over two years now and have seen my fair share of innovation in that time. Most of it, though, has come in just the last six months or so of 2006. Sony created an official website for “Casino Royale” that was fully RSS enabled, shooting out updates whenever the site was updated with new content. Warner Bros. successfully used the blog they set up for “Superman Returns” to achieve the same result, publishing when new trailers or other content was available on the site. Sony, again, created a stand-alone blog for next year’s “Spider-Man 3” that offers fans a chance to interact with one of the movie’s producers.

So, this being the time we look ahead to the potential that a new year brings, I thought I would list some of the things that I would like to see in 2007, building off these good first steps.

Source: Achieve Marketing Excellence in 2007