LOTD: January 4

  • BusinessWeek‘s Matt Vella gives the Nike+iPod five stars as a product, and says it “could be as vital to a runner as a pair of sneakers.” That’s pretty hefty talk for a product. And as accessories go for iPods and such, maybe they’re not a dime a dozen after all?
  • Chris just informed me that as Cameron Marlow (and others) discussed last month, LinkedIn has launched its own Answers product.
  • I missed this in the last few days of catching up (still doing it!), but here’s Read/Write Web’s latest results as to what folks think will be the matchup in 2007 to what social networking was in 2006. Online Video / Internet TV taking the cake would make Jeff Jarvis proud, methinks.
  • Robert Scoble lists the 40 things he links to the most as sources. Chris and I stare, blankly, with no surprise. Interesting meme to start, though. (No offense, Robert – I think it’s just that by reading you regularly, it’s not as surprising)
  • It’s all been about predictions for the new year, blah blah blah, the last week or so. Steve Rubel is calling for a moratorium on cattiness in the blogosphere. Want my prediction? Not gonna happen. Not that I disagree, but I’m not optimistic about this particular area of the blogosphere, especially seeing recent dust-ups.
  • It’s not exactly crisis communications, but I thoroughly enjoyed C.K. Sample’s head-on commentary on criticism of Netscape, which he’s running since Jason Calacanis’ departure from AOL. Just a thought on how people in the new media world are using traditional tactics to publish a permanent response to issues coming up on a regular basis. (disclosure: I’m involved as a Navigator for the Netscape property)

By Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.