Catching up from a long weekend of reading but doing very little writing.

  • Reports are coming in of the “First Look” for Spider-Man 3 being shown in AMC Theaters as part of the pre-feature entertainment.
  • Bill Green has some good thoughts about the relative balllessness of the taglines on movie posters for recent flicks compared to some of the truly great ones from yesteryear.
  • David Kelly at FilmRot writes an “open letter” to Universal Studios regarding the handling of Children of Men.
  • Warner Bros. is partnering with an Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter for a 300 promotion, thereby eliminating about 67% of the class the movie previously had.
  • The Sunshine blog points out an unofficial fan forum as a place for those anticipating the flick to come together.
  • Like Wells and others, I often find myself falling down the media “rabbit hole,” completely oblivious to my surroundings. That’s largely because there are so many media options out there.