LOTD: December 15th

  • Americans are spending a record amount of time, 8 1/2 hours a day, consuming media of any and all sorts according to a Census Bureau report. What I’d like to know is what KIND of media they’re consuming, professional or consumer-generated and in what proportion.
  • CBS is relaunching CBS Records as an outlet for new artists that will be distributed through iTunes and whose songs will be featured on CBS TV shows. Great idea.
  • People are house-hunting online before going out and about.
  • Jeremiah talks about how social media outreach is (rightly) becoming an actual budget item at a number of large companies.
  • News Corp. reportedly offered to buy digg for $100 million.
  • When he was just on YouTube he was branded as a nut, but now a Coast Guard whistle-blower’s accusations have been investigated by some major media outlets and, guess what, he was right.
  • Robert Niles at OJR has a good list of the problems that new online publishers often run into but should try to avoid.
  • The Chicago Tribune‘s Steve Johnson pops in an old CD-Rom and takes us on a trip down memory lane.
  • A number of sites, including Last.fm and Bebo have come together to hold a contest looking for unsigned bands.
  • Despite many people who are advocating a shift to a media-agnostic/message-specific mindset, most ad executives think media specialization is here to stay.
  • Oh, like we didn’t all see the day coming when Google would start selling domains itself. The only surprise is that this didn’t happen two years ago.
  • A number of European newspapers are finding that allowing people to design their own paper and print it PDF-style is allowing readers to connect with the papers better.
  • Wow. When AOL re-structures it really restructures.