Not sure whether this is another “test” that accidentally got pushed live or not (I have a call in to a spokesperson) but I’m once again seeing Google AdSense ads appearing next to feeds within Newsgator Online.


Notice also that there’s now a small “+” sign next to each post. Everything is now coming through as a partial feed and you have to click that “+” to see the full text. Even if the full text is already displayed (if, say, someone has just written a one or two line post) any links are being stripped out of the post. You have to hit that “+” to see the links appear.


Again, I’ve got a call into the spokesperson I’d previously talked to about Newsgator adding advertising and will check back in here with any updates I have.

One thought on “Newsgator makes changes, including bringing ads back

  1. We’ve just introduced a number of new views (case 79614) to our Web reader in order to allow people more flexibility in their reading. These are Summary and Headlines views – Please see this support announcement for more details:

    As these ads only appear for free customers and in the new views, there are 2 ways to get rid of them:

    1) Become a NewsGator Premium customer; or
    2) Change the “display options” to show Full Text feeds.

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