Letting go

This eMarketer story is focused around how 30 percent of American homes now have DVR functionality but it contains a quote that is applicable to any media, not just TV. By letting go of how, when and where content is accessed, content providers can reach a greater audience that is able to consume more of… Continue reading Letting go

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Quick Takes: 11/28/06

The Boston Gal talks about a special ticket package for Dreamgirls that not only gets you into the theater but also access to a costume exhibit and more. This is a very nice way to add incentives to movie-going. More coverage of the "unique name versus a number" story for sequels from Frank Cimatu and… Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/28/06


LOTD: November 28

Earlier in the week, Mashable's Pete Cashmore pointed out that is going to be dropping some coin for good video content that it publishes to the homepage. [via] For those of you who thought Vault was a potential issue for your business, you ain't seen nothing yet. Check out jobberwiki. [via eHub] Research that… Continue reading LOTD: November 28

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Book Review: Citizen Marketers

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba provide plenty of examples of how people like you and me are changing the face of marketing in their new book “Citizen Marketers: When People are the Message.” The book is cram-packed with stories of people who have created their own ads for a company simply on account of being… Continue reading Book Review: Citizen Marketers