LOTD: November 27th

  • I think it’s important that we all remember that while we might know what Web 2.0 means, not everyone does, even just in the marketing profession. Those who do, though, are seeing their knowledge and practices pay off.
  • As proof that sometimes we’re likely to out-clever ourselves, all those URLs with “your” and “my” in the title that are used for specific campaigns might not be as easy to remember as we think they are.
  • The practice of recruiting college students to spread the word about social networks on campus is one that not everyone is thrilled about, with some feeling that students, because they’re so sought after, actually need to be protected from the practice.
  • Video sharing site Break.com has upped the price it pays to people who upload videos to $500 for live-action and $2,000 for animated shorts.
  • Ben McConnell nicely analyzes a recent New York Times story on word-of-mouth and engagement and reminds us all that it’s not necessarily enough just to be talked about. It’s better when people feel an emotional connection to a brand or company that spurs them to action on behalf of that brand or company.