Embeddable video is the way to go

I have to agree with Lost Remote regarding posting video online. If you have video on your site, it should be embeddable. LR brings this up because of Comedy Central now allowing people to embed video from “The Colbert Report” and more from their site. Whenever I want to pass along a video now I always not only link to the source (likely Apple’s Quicktime or some other such site) but will also make an effort to search it out on YouTube. If it’s there I’ll grab the code and put it up as well, giving people the option to either view it directly on my site or go to the high-quality version.

But so many video producers don’t get that allowing people to easily pass on the video is a good thing. There might be a “tell a friend” link to email the video to someone but as more and more people are creating content themselves, allowing for embeddable video lets them add some spice to their site. It’s an easy way to let people spread the word in a way that builds brand loyalty for both the publisher as well as the video creator. I’m actively disappointed when I see someone has lots of video on their site and none of it is embeddable, even if I don’t plan on using it. Someone might be and that’s one less tool they have to talk about the product or brand in a compelling manner.

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