If you’re a new media fanatic (and who here isn’t) then the page Target has setup for its upcoming 2-day sale will probably be of interest to you. The page is setup to promote not only the store’s sale but also the latest stunt from magician/performance artist David Blaine. Blaine appears in an ad for the store that Tom seems to love but which I’m lukewarm toward. That may be because I’m lukewarm on Blaine in general but we’ll leave that issue for another day.

The site features RSS, a downloadable widget for you to track Blaine’s stunt and code for you to put the promotion on your own website. Those are really nice tools to give people that let them spread the word organically, a favorite topic of mine. And it’s all wrapped up in a pretty nifty mobile-device looking format that makes the page a lot of fun to play around with.