ccm.JPGGoodness, what fun it is to get out from in front of the computer screen occasionally and remind yourself that it’s real people writing some of your favorite blogs. Clay Parker Jones, David Armano, and Gabby, a colleague of David’s at Digitas and I got together at a downtown Chicago Intelligensia to talk blog and such. It would have been an enjoyable morning as it was but it turned out to be even more so with the arrival of Kelly Komp.

Kelly, you see, works for a small design firm named Tandemodus here in Chicago and has not yet begun a blog of his own. He had heard about the meetup via what he described as a series of clicked links it would impossible to recreate or describe. His presence was more than welcome because, as I’m sure all of you know, the thing bloggers love to talk about the most is how they started blogging and what kind of experiences they’ve had. So we all shared with each other and Kelly how we all came to dive into the online world, what worked for us, what didn’t and other such war stories. We probably overloaded him with information and suggestions but also hopefully gave him some things to think about. I’d look for a blog from tandemodus soon and sure it will make my daily reading list.

We all decided this should be a regular thing and hopefully will get more and more people to turn out as the word spreads. Clay has setup a page dedicated to the Chicago Coffee Meetup that he’ll be posting updated dates and times to as well as a Flickr Group where we can be embarrassed by how we look in the morning.

In the meantime you can check out the write-ups of this morning’s get together complete with pictures from both Clay and David.

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