News from AOL

Hot on the heels of Jon Miller was out at AOL and had been replaced by Randy Falco comes this report from TechCrunch that Jason Calacanis has resigned from AOL.

I’m not going to speculate on this since Tom and I both work(ed) for Jason at Weblogs, Inc, but if this is true, then wow. Just wow. You can read Jason’s thoughts on Miller’s leaving the company here.

iMediaConnection – Movie Marketing and Brand Consistency

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to a movie’s marketing campaign is a lack of consistency. There’s nothing that bothers me more than a campaign where all the elements don’t combine into one unified message and theme. Often a trailer and poster will present one view of a movie, only to have the website take a completely different approach. Or only two out of three trailers try to sell the movie one way only to have the third do something totally out of left field that presents a very different take on the movie.This happens a lot, unfortunately, with bigger movies that have longer lead times. It’s tough, admittedly, to keep a fully integrated and thematically consistent campaign going when the teaser elements were released up to a year before the movie hits screens. The best campaigns, though, are able to pull this off.

So, here are my Top Five, Desert Island picks for Best Integrated Movie Campaigns:

Source: Top 5 Films That Did Integration Right