LOTD: November 15th

Everyone just sit back and think of the turkey you’ll be eating next week while you enjoy these tasty links.

  • TechCrunch has been YouSued, with lawyers claiming that a program they made to download YouTube vids to your iPod violates the TOS. I initially didn’t why they would do this but now I’ve figured it out: YouTube loses online ad revenue if people can download a hard copy of the videos.
  • Brian Oberkirch calls making corporate announcements in Second Life “the new webcasting.”
  • Ann Handley has some good advice on how to treat everyone in the blog world as an equal.
  • Blogs are now more trusted than TV ads. Maybe that’s because they’re not overt attempts at selling stuff.
  • Not that I claim to be an expert in the matter, but saying only one percent of the internet is devoted to porn seems like saying only five percent of the world’s oceans is devoted to water.
  • Mark Cuban says he’d get into the newspaper business since they really do make money, just not in a way that makes shareholders happy. Someone go check to see if Jeff Jarvis just had a stroke.
  • The Weinstein Co. seems to be solving cash-on-hand problems by signing a deal making Blockbuster the exclusive rental outlet for its movies on home video. That means you’re out of luck if you’re a Netflix user. Does no one else get that exclusivity agreements are what’s killing the theatrical movie industry? And now we’re replicating that for home video? This makes my head hurt.
  • I’m not sure exactly what “hockey” is but the league has signed an online video deal with YouTube.
  • I can’t believe that anyone is seriously considering embargo windows as a way to shore up the financial futures of newspapers.
  • Over at my personal blog I try and show that marketing hyperbole can’t fool Technorati.

Evan Almighty gift cards at Cinemark theaters

Cinemark Theaters will begin selling Evan Almighty-branded gift cards just in time for the Christmas shopping season. (update: I initially wrote “AMC” but have corrected it to be Cinemark. Sorry. Oops.)

The effort is being supported by P-O-P and ads in about 200 Cinemark theaters. Cinemark will also send an e-mail blast to more than a half million registered gift card users.

Cinemark will release about 500,000 gift cards under the promotion, Jernigan says. Gift card recipients can register their card to manage their account, purchase tickets in advance online, view activity and reload the card with additional funds.

The effort is part of a holiday push by Universal Pictures to create early buzz around the movie, a sequel to the 2003 hit Bruce Almighty.