LOTD: November 15th

Everyone just sit back and think of the turkey you'll be eating next week while you enjoy these tasty links. TechCrunch has been YouSued, with lawyers claiming that a program they made to download YouTube vids to your iPod violates the TOS. I initially didn't why they would do this but now I've figured it… Continue reading LOTD: November 15th

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Evan Almighty gift cards at Cinemark theaters

Cinemark Theaters will begin selling Evan Almighty-branded gift cards just in time for the Christmas shopping season. (update: I initially wrote "AMC" but have corrected it to be Cinemark. Sorry. Oops.) The effort is being supported by P-O-P and ads in about 200 Cinemark theaters. Cinemark will also send an e-mail blast to more than… Continue reading Evan Almighty gift cards at Cinemark theaters