LOTD: October 31st Part Deux

This’ll teach Tom to post a Links of the Day at 8AM Central time.

  • JotSpot, one of the more popular entry-level web-based wiki apps out there, is now part of the Google empire. Am I the only one who didn’t see that coming at all?
  • Peter Shankman recounts an exchange with a reporter that proves the most valuable asset you can have as a PR representative is a product that generates genuine excitement.
  • Some corporate executives still need to stop worrying and love consumer-generated content for what it is.
  • Were the flurry of corporate deals just before Google bought YouTube part of a plan by the record labels to get out of paying artists for the works put on the video sharing sites?
  • Susan Merritt points out another example of a mainstream newspaper that seems to have not attributed at best and lifted directly from at worst a story that originally broke on BoingBoing. (Warning: The site Susan links to is NSFW)
  • CitizenBay is a very cool idea that brings social bookmarking to local news, complete with RSS feed.
  • Josh Hallett posts the answers he provided to a college student seeking opinions on blogging and such.
  • John Cass turns to the community to get some feedback as he writes his book. Go help the man out.
  • Conde Nast is buying Reddit, the popular social-bookmarking site.
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