Bears get flex game

Under the new TV deal with NBC, the network gets to snatch a high-profile game from CBS or Fox. The idea was to give them more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. The first game they've exercised this right with is next week's Bears vs. Giants match-up. This "flex game" concept is designed to avoid… Continue reading Bears get flex game


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Mark Halperin

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Constantin’s custom search now on Open The Dialogue

Constatin Basturea has created a Custom Google Search that contains the 500+ blogs on his PR and Communications Blog List. It's such a fantastic idea - exactly along the lines of something I've been looking for for some time now - that I've added it to the sidebar here on OTD. Many thanks to Constantin… Continue reading Constantin’s custom search now on Open The Dialogue

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Creation and distribution in a new media world

There's a new distribution model emerging for movies. It's called “the internet.” You might have heard of it. And retailers and studios have good reason to fear it, but not for the reasons you might think. As you probably know, the studios have been experimenting with various services that allow people to download movies over… Continue reading Creation and distribution in a new media world

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Political commentary via The Queen poster

Had I been drinking milk, it would have come shooting out of my nose when I saw this. [via Risky Biz]

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Book bonanza

I recently got a whole bunch of marketing-oriented books, some that I bought and some in the form of review copies, including "Citizen Marketers" by Ben McDonnell and Jackie Huba. Ben and Jackie mention that reviews based on these copies are forthcoming and that's the truth. It's second in line for reading and writing up,… Continue reading Book bonanza


LOTD: October 25

Wired has a story by Jennifer Granick about all the nifty things that Web 2.0ish services are doing to improve your overall voting experience this year The Yahoo! Search folks have announced their latest Yahoo! Toolbar (for IE) and Yahoo! Bookmarks Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache share the worst political Websites they've come across Ringtones… Continue reading LOTD: October 25