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Web 2.0 finally produces tangible results

Flickr claims it helped make a baby. What has your Web 2.0 service done for the world?


Why Blogging Matters to me

There's an absolutely fascinating meme spreading around the series of tubes devoted to PR and marketing exploring why blogging matters. Eric Kintz at The Marketing Excellence Blog has put up a post that collects the thoughts of some of the brightest guys in the field right now as they explain what lessons, questions and thoughts… Continue reading Why Blogging Matters to me


Newsgator pretty much confirms what we thought

Well the promised interview didn't materialize, but Newsgator founder Greg Reinacker has put up a post on his blog that deals with the addition of AdSense ads to Newsgator Online that works to confirm what we had previously been hearing and speculating. In short, AdSense ads in some shape or form are coming to NGO… Continue reading Newsgator pretty much confirms what we thought


LOTD: October 24

Read/WriteWeb has an interview with Mozilla's Vice President of Products, Chris Beard. Jennifer Slegg is writing about the changes to Yahoo! Publisher Network. More on the massive branditude in Second Life these days from Jonathan Sidener at the San Diego Union-Tribune Umm, yeah, FBI. Howabout paying attention to child privacy laws. A pretty loud voice… Continue reading LOTD: October 24