LOTD: October 23

  • Surely all of us, unfortunately, have heard one horror story or another (I heard another one yesterday, actually) about a problem someone had with a contractor doing work on their home or property. Much of the time, those issues are financial in nature. Well, check out this article from the Arizona Republic that discusses Construction ePay, an escrow service just for this business.
  • Women are networking online at the Downtown Women’s Club, a site that the Boston Globe‘s Diane Lewis says allows those women to “create the ‘old boys network’ online.”
  • Oliver Ryan is talking about how BlackPlanet.com and other social networking sites might be “potent” as rivals to MySpace and other heavy hitters, citing how niche content is being developed there.
  • Somehow I missed this item from Niall Kennedy, mentioning how now, webmasters have more control over Googlebots and the good that they do.
  • Stephen Davies wants to know about how we’d be living should our televisions be able to snag RSS and whatnot – today.
  • News.com’s Michael Kanellos writes about another way to grasp what’s going on in all those blogs, forums, and other online spaces – and how to dig through the clutter.