Joseph Jaffe never lacks for audacity. Truly one of the more innovative thinkers around in this day and age, I’m convinced Jaffe never stops thinking new media, even when cutting grass, playing with his kids or staring out the window on a rainy day. So to Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, the dynamic duo behind the For Immediate Release podcast as well as their own blogs. And let’s not forget CC Chapman, an outstanding podcast and blogger himself.

The level of talent possessed by these four gentleman is what makes Crayon so exciting. Jaffe, Holtz, Hobson and Chapman have decided to go into business together, forming a sort of un-agency that, well, from what I’ve read it’s hard to describe. See, most agencies have a purpose, or at least a focus on one thing that they do and do well. Companies then hire that agency based on their doing that one thing well. Crayon, though, seems to be more malleable. Instead of a product being produced by the group, Crayon exists to:

  • Help facilitate the conversation.
  • Provide companies with a true partner, someone who will work with them to guide them in the right new media direction
  • Do whatever else needs doing

That last point intrigues me the most. Instead of being defined by a menu of offerings like you’d find at a fast-food chain, the guys at Crayon seem to be saying, “Think big, let us figure out how to make it happen.” (Side note: $10 to the first person who asks Jaffe to script a 30-second TV commercial. Not really, but that would be awesome.) That’s actually more revolutionary than it might sound. Additionally, they are asking anyone and everyone to participate, making it almost into an open-source marketing effort.

The agency’s debut will actually take place in Second Life, where they will maintain a permanent island-based office, this Thursday. You can count on me being there for that and many visits afterward.

While you’re waiting for that, go read the announcement posts from the principals involved.