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Movie Marketing Madness: Flags of our Fathers

When Clint Eastwood makes a movie, at least when he's done so for the last 15 years or so, it's always an event. They may not always be the best movies in the world but they are always tight, ensemble pieces featuring some of the best actors around and they always are at least grasping… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Flags of our Fathers

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NYT embraces YouTube

In this story on corporate mergers and other deals, the New York Times did something rather remarkable. They embedded a YouTube video within the online story. I have to say my first reaction to this was, "Wow!" It's so odd - but great - to see a mainstream outlet embrace the same tools and toys… Continue reading NYT embraces YouTube


LOTD: October 17

Nick Bradbury and his son, Isaac, were in a car accident - a hit-and-run, no less - on Monday night, and both are okay. Our best wishes for the both of them from here at OTD, and we're glad that all is well. I'm guessing you know your kid is okay after a car accident… Continue reading LOTD: October 17

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Paramount redeigns studio website

Kirk Skodis points out that Paramount has redesigned their official studio website. The new site more fully encompasses the various properties Paramount manages such as the Vantage division and Dreamworks. Like Kirk I really like the slick new look and features but, as you'd expect, I still have issues. Specifically, why not RSS-ify that "Newswire"… Continue reading Paramount redeigns studio website