Beginning Wednesday, news service Reuters is opening an official bureau within Second Life to keep residents up to speed with what’s happening in the real world and real world readers informed of Second Life news. In true community-building form, residents who click on an item that’s of interest to them will be taken to the Reuters Atrium where they can discuss the story and others with fellow residents. The bulk of the heavy lifting on this will be done by Reuters correspondent Adam Pasick, who will operate in-world as Adam Reuters. Adam will hold regular office hours in Second Life in order to actually gather news just like any other reporter.

The idea of bridging the real/virtual divide is one that is likely to get quite a bit of attention. While it’s not a new idea in and of itself, (New World Notes and Second Life Herald have been doing so for a while now) being able to stay up to date with the real world in an efficient manner will facilitate people spending more time within those environments.

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