You’ll figure out the theme pretty quickly, trust me.

  • Fast Company’s blog picks up on how Universal Music’s eLabs EVP Amanda Marks iwas talking about how P2P was “irrelevant.” Umm, yeah. Apparently, she doesn’t spend much time on the torrent servers. Sorry, no soup for you.
  • Good job, Google. You’ve just picked up YouTube. Are you going to Disneyworld? Nah, says Paul La Monica at CNNMoney, because the next bubble is in online video, of course. Oh, okay. Maybe Google will make it to Disneyworld, but no one else will be there.
  • So, Yahoo!, now that Google’s gone and done something big, what are you gonna do? Man, let’s not forget they picked up WAY before any of this stuff was hot, okay.
  • Sorry, Microsoft. You’re trying really, really hard to make things work, especially with regard to RSS and such. But it’s not cutting it, at least in the eyes of Andy Lark, who sees some issues with how various tools are integrating with Outlook, IE7, etc.